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15th December 2011

A Seminar on "Smooky Marketing" has been orgainsed for 15th December 2011 starting 10.00 A.M. at Varanasi:

For more information, please contact Mohd. Moinuddin on (0)9415248181/ (0)9305186089.

30th November 2011

A Seminar on "Smooky Marketing" has been orgainsed for 30th November 2011 starting 10.00 A.M. at Bijnor:

For more information, please contact Mr. Aqa Hasnain on 8445655876.

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Friday, 22 June 2018

NOTICE: Mr. Manish Bansal is no longer associated with Smooky Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Smooky Marketing is filing a legal complaint against Mr. Manish Bansal for collecting money and making false promises to provide training from WorkShop9. Anyone who wishes to register any complaint against Mr. Manish Bansal is requested to send us in writing to Smooky Marketing Pvt. Ltd., B-35, Ansal Chambers-II, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110066 or send us an email at

Anyone who has paid to Mr. Manish Bansal or paid on the promise of Mr. Manish Bansal are notified that Mr. Manish Bansal has taken their money.

Mr. Manish Bansal who promised some members to buy Comp-u-learn shares at cheap price and get high returns as he mentioned that he is controlling the prices of shares are advised to consider the BSE rules and not take his words for committed profits.

Smooky Marketing Pvt. Ltd or any associated staff has no liabilities for claims made against any false promised made by Mr. Manish Bansal.

Any member if has anything in writing from Mr. Manish Bansal are requested to contact us at



Demo Website

*Web-Guru will not be entitled to earnings made by member through 3rd Party Resources.



1. TDS @ 10% will be deducted on all payouts. TDS certificates will be issued on quarterly basis.
2. Admin charges @ 5% will be deducted on all payouts.
3. Powerleg will be carried forward.
4. Closing for Binary Income will be weekly (every Friday).
5. All Binary payouts will be made on weekly basis (every Monday).
6. All payments will be only made by cheque/ECS bank transfer (as per member's selection at the time of registration).
7. A written request/consent will be required from the member to change the mode of payment. Administrative charges will be applicable.
8. A minimum of INR 1000/- per ID (earned by Binary & Referrals and, Digital Marketing) will be required to process payout.
9. Yield earned by digital platform will be processed on last working day of every month.
10. Only higest achieved reward will be awarded.
11. Earning will vary member to member on the following factors - effective implementation of the resources, individual capabilities, optimum utilization of the open sources like Google, Social Media Platforms, and Third Party resources used to market/promote their products/services via Digital Marketing.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Business Plan and Rewards are subject to change without prior notice. All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi Courts only. Refunds shall be claimed within 3 days after the date of purchase else Sale will be classified as Satisfactory buying.


For more information please email us at :

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